Deck Staining

The right stain will completely transform your deck or fence. We recommend re-staining every few years to keep your outdoor surfaces looking their best while also lasting for years to come.


Our Deck Staining Process

While you may be looking to simply stain your deck and fence, there are a variety of options you can choose from when it comes to your stain. A water test can be done to determine if your fence or ceiling needs more sealant. A water test is done by simply putting water on the surface to see if it soaks in. If the water soaks in, it needs more sealant. If the water does not soak in and beads on the surface you may not need sealant yet and can benefit from just paint or stain.

Clear stain can be added to a nice wood deck or fence but may not be as protective against UV rays, considering it is clear. This treatment can last anywhere from six months to two years.

Toner can also be added which is very similar to clear stain but with color added. This can add a little more protection from the UV rays and be longer lasting than the clear stain is.

Additionally, semi-transparent stains can be used, which is stain with slight color so that the texture of the wood is still visible. This can last around three to four years.

“Jeff and his team are all amazing! From start to finish they were professional, prompt and their work was amazing.”
- Brock S.