Popcorn Removal

Your home may have been finished in the 80s but it doesn’t have to show it. We can bring your home into the 21st century with our popcorn removal process. Our process is safe and thorough!


Our Popcorn Removal Process

We understand the care and professionalism needed when working on a home. Even popcorn removal can completely transform a home’s look and feel. Not only are smooth walls more aesthetically pleasing, but they also don’t accumulate as much dirt and dust as popcorn walls and ceilings do.

Removal of your popcorn walls/ ceilings will not only create a more modern environment but might be a better option for your families health. Each dedicated contractor uses the same detailed process so that all of our renovations are consistent and satisfactory across the board!

Each contractor follows this process when safely removing popcorn walls/ ceilings:


We will first begin with covering all furniture and floors to protect them during the whole process.


After all furniture and floorings are covered, we clean all surfaces we will be working on. This allows the popcorn to soak, making it easier to remove.


Once the popcorned surfaces are completely wet, we use our precise tools to safely remove all popcorn on the walls or ceiling.


We will then fill in, sand, or prime the new layer so that you are left with a smoother finish and texture.


After we are all finished, we diligently vacuum and sweep any remaining debris so that you can comfortably enjoy your new walls!

“Jeff, worked with me remotely to spec and quote my daughter’s home. The work included the removal of popcorn ceilings, cabinet painting, and all interior work. He treated my daughter, a new homeowner, with respect and responded to questions quickly and accurately.”
- Paul L.